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Default Re: Dick Cheney 1994 - Don't Take Iraq!

Originally Posted by SoCalMike


Here is another one you missed:

What is different between then and now?

Sorta changed everything.

Good job. You have just proven that before 9/11, people assessed threats and risks differently.

I'm sure you're very proud of yourself.

In 1994, the global threat assesment was exactly the same as it was on 9/12/2001, right?

This invasion and war with Iraq is a completely different situation. Trying to say that the Dick Cheney's comments in 1994 about ODS is apropos to the situation now is specious at best, and just plain stupid at worst.

Did you listen to what VP Cheney said right in the first couple of sentences? He was speaking about how none of the Arab countries we had with us during GW1 would have gone in with us. We would have been alone.

While the Iraq war is unpopular and polarizing, what was said by VP Cheney in 1994, does not apply to this war. Try as you all might, times and circumstances have changed dramatically since GW1.

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