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Default Re: New Mock Draft 2008

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
They would probably have the best interior defense.

Bobcats management showed that they were impatient last year and traded for Jason Richardson. This puts them in a bad position this year, because all the centers in their range are mainly potential picks that won't give you much at the beginning of their careers. Thabeet would definitely help them out in terms of interior defense, though he wouldn't contribute much on the offensive end. Roy Hibbert is another NBA-ready big man, but he doesn't have the potential of a mid-late lottery pick. Thabeet might not be a bad pick in that position the more I think about it. Charlotte would have to show some patience. It will be interesting to see what they do this offseason, the players have been vocal about their dislike for Sam Vincent as a coach, and a change will likely be made.

Basically, things are looking grim for Charlotte. If they could find a top notch coach like Larry Brown, then perhaps they could be saved and turned into a contender. They certainly have the talent to do it. I think it will be hard for them to find that big man to pair with Emeka Okafor that they need. One guy I forgot to mention, Blake Griffin of Oklahoma, might be a possible suitor. I would much rather see them start a veteran like Samuel Dalembert next to Okafor than a rookie like Thabeet, but that will be hard to manage seeing as the core (Felton, Richardson, Wallace, and Okafor) all make up a large chunk of the team's salary. I don't think they'll be able to get that missing piece in the starting lineup, but Nazr Mohammad has shown he can play. Perhaps he could start initially until the young draft pick is ready.

Bottom line, Charlotte will be in a tough situation this offseason, and if they go into the draft without the thought of trading their pick, they better be patient.
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