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Default Re: Memphis trade proposal

What have you seen from Rubio to indicate he's more cocky than other NBA players who went in the lottery and were supposed to be top 10 pick, franchise players? What exactly has he done to be deemed cocky? Is confidence now equated with cockiness?

What is Jason Thompson's ceiling - he's 23 and he is a soft PF from Rider with a nice offensive game. Who would the Kings get at 4?

Rubio is 18 years old. What exactly do people expect he would be able to do right away? If given the chance to develop, he could be a Jason Kidd (when Kidd was in his absolute prime) type difference maker, who makes everyone on his team better and who can lead a team for the next 15 years. Are the Kings really going to ever win anything with Thompson and Hawes as their two bigs? Who is going to bang, rebound and do the dirty work there that all championship teams need? And who will be there at 4 who would do much of anything to make the Kings better? They don't need another shooting guard. Hill is a dime a dozen player. Thabeet and Griffin will be gone - so I guess it's Jrue Holiday or Jennings - guys who have no where near the ability to become transformational players as Rubio.
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