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Default Re: Memphis trade proposal

Originally Posted by SixersFan76
Who would they take in return? Kings are not under the cap, so they can't take an expiring contract without sending another contract to Memphis?

My post said a top 10 protected pick, not a top 10 pick. That means by definition that any pick the Griz would eventually send back will be 11 or lower. They could even lottery protect it if they so chose. They would be swapping the 2nd for the 4th while also getting a lottery pick from last year who already showed something, so I'm not sure that a future, top 10 or lottery protected first rounder would stop them from doing the trade. The fact that they are even considering moving the second pick shows that they don't love Thabeet. Rubio is not a great fit there even if they move Conley, because Mayo handles the ball a lot. Rubio also clearly doesn't want to go there after talking to Pau, Marc and La Bomba.

Um Marc actually went to spain with the grizzlies to translate and try and get rubio here. So yeah what your saying about Marc talking bad about the griz isnt true.

I missed the protection part of your post my bad.

I thought the kings had cap space?
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