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Default Re: The Dark Knight Trilogy

Originally Posted by Anti Hero
Yea, we have the six point system too. I've used one.. just mad because had I known about ATO I would have used that instead of getting a point .

Same here man, people who get the best rates just shove shit in the bins regardless of quality. The Coach will come around (he's a Jamaican) and says Ronald (sounds like Rhoanald) you busted your cart again.. and I say Sam your space is busted.. there isn't just a place where I can put 60 teapots in, I gotta move around and look.

yea man it's pretty fu**ing cutthroat for sure. Yesterday for the first time (been there about 4 weeks now) I got a written notice about my rates not being up to par from the 21st-22nd. It's not an official write up but still made me laugh that they trip so hard on it.
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