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Default Re: Battlefield 5 trailer

BETA: 7/10 imo

everything is wee bit more tatical and less casual than previous BF's

-ammo is limited

-squad play is critical (everyone in squad can be revived despite medic or not)

-classes are actually specific (support is relevant bc ammo is necessary, recon are only ones to 3d spot)

-quick respawn is over (actually punished for dying)

-vehicles need resupplied and don't have unlimited ammo

-kill streaks are low

basically if you go on a 2-3 killstreak, you're already out of ammo and hip firing with a pistol

after every kill you can loot their corpse of ammo, but if your at a distance that's irrelevant

it's nice bc it kills snipe campers at the corner of maps squating all game and actually forces PTFO

then there's new shit like getting rewarded for building barricades around flags/objectives

at the end of the day, it's got a bit of change and ppl hate change so it's critisized

it's still a Battlefield game with new tweeks
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