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So I'm playing. Very entertaining. In an open world game, it's always been very important that the ability to get around the map be fun, and they got the web slinging down.

The map is a total litter box though. And because of my play style, I'm just running around collecting things and upgrading, and have done as few missions as possible, which is an indication of what a litterbox it is. It feels like an Assassin's creed game, where the map is segmented off, and you get these repeats of menial missions that I could totally see becoming dreary monotony. Beginning with what are essentially viewpoint towers. It's also got a bit of a "The Division" feel because of that too.

The combat is really well done. It's like a much faster version of the Batman combat. The animations look spectacular though. Again, so far, a few of the moves are becoming monotonous, as they're consistently effective, although that might change. It has been more challenging than I expected as well.

It's a great take on Manhattan. I was excited for The Division about playing in Manhattan, and wound up a bit disappointed. This is a much better take, blending a lot of genuine landmarks with comic world additions. So far very few interiors, and it does feel oddly small for a game of this level of release. Which isn't really a knock, I don't need to feel like I have to play for 20 minutes to the next mission, and part of that is because the web slinging is well done, you can travel at a crazy right, and it's enjoyable on top of it.

I'll check back in when I get into more missions, which is coming soon. I'm almost out of things to do.
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