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Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I broke down and pre-ordered the thing, in spite of hearing about things like review embargos. And in spite of the fact that most of the reviews I've seen have been very good, they all hint at some irksome open world cliché's that may bug me post RDR.

But there's also a chance I'll never even play the thing. I still have RE2 Remake, and the last Tomb Raider, both games I was more hyped about than this, that I haven't even installed. And that's if I ever can focus enough in RDR to finish it, and assuming they don't release some massive single player DLC like Undead that will basically start me over.

But anyway, they got my 60 bucks.
RE2 is bomb, a bit short though

Why not just wait until it drops in price if you have so many back logged?
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