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Default Re: Lillard has separated ribs from one of the Warriors illegal screens

Originally Posted by ImKobe
So what were Dame's ribs doing in Game 7 against Denver, when he shot 3/17?

You're acting like Dame isn't coming off a sub-par WCSF performance where he got carried to the next round.
He's not acting. The guy is legitimately mad that the team that his hero plays in is doing well without him and people will say mean things about him. That's how much of a pathetic loser he is. Even though them advancing means that KD gets another ring which would be good for the player he supports. But all this clown cares about is that everything revolves around him instead of supporting the team. He would be telling people no excuses if KD was here and Curry was out and they were winning.

Still haven't forgotten this punk ass bitch writing all Game of Thrones leaked spoilers on the topic and putting as "it's so predictable, this is what it is" First ballet, hall of fame b*tch.
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