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Default Re: King in the East: An impressive 8-year run

Originally Posted by SpaceJam2

Finals are hard to get to. Durability is important

Were the Cavs "healthy" in 2015? (Irving, Love)
Were the Spurs in 2017? (Kawhi)
Were the Rockets in 2018? (CP3)

Were the Celtics in 2018, 2017? (IT, Irving & Hayward)
Were the Bulls in 2015?(Gasol)
Were the Spurs in 2013? (Parker)

The injury gods have almost always been on Lebron's side. Whenever his team falls down in a series, the gods find a way to benefit his team, whether it's the 2013 or the 2016 Finals. How convenient for Lebron in 2017 that IT has a hip injury after an MVP-like season and loses his sister right at the start of the Playoffs. How convenient for Lebron that Derrick Rose goes from an MVP to a role player when it seemed like they would be fighting for titles for the next decade.
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