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Default Re: Steelers are 12 - 4, but they are the #5 seed

Originally Posted by JMT
Pittsburgh clearly had a better record in a division in which teams that went 12-4 and 9-7 both lost first round playoff games. Oh, and both lost to Denver this season.

What's your point? The AFC North had 3 playoff teams and 3 teams with a better record than any team in the West. You can't really judge too much off of 1 playoff game anyways. Also, that wasn't the same Steelers team as it was for most of the season (not to mention the coin flip loss).

You're right. In a discussion that's citing biased opinion and only one set of data (W-L record, albeit not against common competition), it would be foolish to introduce another set of unbiased data. What the hell kind of way is that to develop an informed opinion?

What good is that "unbiased data" if it has nothing to support it?

Blind numbers? Like W-L records established against schedules that have little in common?

I broke them down, but I guess you can throw out the word 'bias' if it makes you feel better.

My problem with college football is and always will be the voters. Not excited about computers, but at least they're unbiased. In reality, neither are necessary. There are x number of conferences playing FBS football. Each conference winner goes to the playoffs. Put them into a hat, draw for seeding, all games played on neutral sites. No team gets to play within, I don't know, 250 miles of campus. Very simple. No opinions. No home field. Every conference winner gets the same reward. If you need wild card teams to fill the field, have them chosen by a consensus of the computer rankings. Next highest ranked non-conference winners play to determine field of 16. I can live with that.

Why not just go with the top 16 teams? I know there would be moaning and groaning over the 16, but the top 8-12 teams should be rather clear so a couple teams around the 16 area getting left out wouldn't bother me.

The first way to achieve that is to look at as much information as possible, remove personal bias, and be willing to consider all information in developing an opinion...don't just bring preconceived notions and do all you can to defend them, common sense be damned.

Good luck removing personal bias. You could only hope to remove a little bit from college football. Also, people have differing opinions on various things, what data should be used, what should be taken into consideration and how much, etc... There's not going to be a perfect system, and computers aren't the answer either.
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