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Default Re: Steelers are 12 - 4, but they are the #5 seed

Originally Posted by Jackass18
What's your point? The AFC North had 3 playoff teams and 3 teams with a better record than any team in the West. You can't really judge too much off of 1 playoff game anyways. Also, that wasn't the same Steelers team as it was for most of the season (not to mention the coin flip loss).

They "weren't the same team". What team were they? Injuries are a part of the game for both teams every week. Denver lost Decker. Miller was playing with a cast on his hand. Brian Dawkins wasn't in either of the recent games (NE-Buff) where their pass defense was torched, and couldn't go vs Pitt. Every team is banged up at this point in the season

And, really, the coin flip? Hold Denver to anything less than a TD and they'd have gotten the ball back.

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