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Default Re: I haven't seen AI fit in well with the Pistons

Originally Posted by dd24
I think it's partially the fact that AI and Rip play the same position which was our concern to begin with. We've now seen this logjam in the back court is going to be a problem for the rest of the season. The only way I see this season being successful is to trade AI or Rip, preferably AI. Other than that we are going to have to be patient as Pistons fans and let AI's contract drop off and hopefully do something in free agency. I guess we would have better draft positioning than we have in the past too.

Glad to see someone else who isn't so quick to deal Rip. May as well just let this season end how ever it ends… make do with the roster. Trading Rip will severely handicap the Pistons in the long run and I cannot see AI coming back to Detroit. I just have this feeling he will go to another team as he will still be sough after. I've just reached a sense of calm right now and just let this team play itself out and look ahead. The Celtics and Cavaliers are too far ahead to really challenge them for the Conference Championship. If this team can advanced to the second round that would be fair enough bringing us back to 2002…
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