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Marny Navis is right about everything, except starting Griffin at the SF. Nocioni should start at small while Deng will get large minutes off the bench. Nocioni and Deng are versatile, so Griffin will see some time at SF, but will play more SG. SG's are usually better scorers than SF'S in today's NBA, so Griffin will spend alot of time guarding the go to guy at SG. It was a great deal for Chicago, but Denver could get a steal. He is cheap and gives them three point range (abysmal percentage), but better than any other shooter currently on Denver. Yes, I hate Smith's game, but there aren't many other SG's on the free agent market. Hopefully, they will sign Casey Jacoubsen from summer league who can shoot. All teams will pack the lane on Denver, daring them to shoot a jumper, like last year in the playoffs when they flat out stunk the place up. Denver won't make the playoffs this year, because Utah's better and Denver still can't shoot. Are they ever going to get rid of Kenyon? If they could get a high percentage jump shooter for him they would vastly improve, but nobody wants his bloated contract, and his broken down knees. Overall, great deal for Chicago!

Thanks, I try. I'm only 13, so I'll probably make a few mistakes. And you are right about Griffin, but I hope he will get a nice amount of minutes off the bench to give Chicago some defense. He is getting older so he might be wearing down a bit so you are right to have him coming off the bench.
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