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I don't like Smith as a player that much, and I feel he will only play up to his potential if he is in an environment where he can be THE man. He has a small contract though, so it is worth the risk. I think this would be a great stepping stone for him as the potential #2 man to Carmelo. He would do great things for an organization like the Raptors or the Nets, where I think he would be able to showcase his talent playing alongside Krstic, Antoine Wright, and Marcus Williams in the future, and would be able to step in at SG when Carter goes out. For the Raptors he would be like Rashard Lewis at SG, which I think is a good comparison for him. I think he's hurt his career in New Orleans, and getting traded twice this offseason did even more damage. I think he will put up Rashard Lewis numbers at best in his prime, Kobe and T-Mac comparison's are off now. But he would still be a valuable asset for Denver, just I think he could be cancer, just what you need when you already have K-Mart in the lockerrom. And cancer spreads. And it is not pretty when it does. Cancer does damage, you know.
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