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Originally Posted by whaley82
K-Mart is not a cancer...He was just having a rough 2 seasons because of his knee. And him wanting to play but not being able to. But just wait this season he should be rested and ready to become the beast/monster that he is and become one of Denvers best players. The Dude is a 18/9 guy with a couple blocks and a massive defencive player. He will help Denver once his knees are 100%.

Kmart is ok....he isn't 18/9 with 2 blks, considering he has averaged at best 16.7 pts and has been over 9 bds once in his well as never got 2 blks per. He is a good defender, but he benefited from playing with Kidd in his prime big time. Of all the contracts in the history or the league, no kidding, I think his is the worst. Considering the injuries and the draft picks that need to also be taken into account.
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