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Please do not place too much emphasis on his college stats. typical ben howland teams don't showcase a player's individual talent. Many pitt and ucla guards put up pedestrian numbers yet still played in the pro's. Farmar, afflalo, westy and now holiday and collison. If you check out Ucla's stats they did not depend on him for scoring. That was not his role.

However he is a more than capable scorer. HE is capable of creating off the dribble, penetrating and catch and shoot. He has good form but just shot badly last year. He can definitely get up to to 35 plus percent from 3 in the next couple of years and will probably even progress from there. He has great size and measureables that set him apart from other point guards in this class. Best combo of size and athleticism of this group. Not a westbrook or iverson or farmar in terms of explosion. More like a brandon roy, deceptive athleticism.

By far the best pick for the slot and I personally couldn't be happier. In a draft with so few sure fire prospects the next best thing is to draft players who have high ceiling's and Holiday has the 2nd highest ceiling in this draft only behind Brandon jennings...maybe behind teague as well.
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