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Since 1987-88, here are some notable Gatorade Players of the Year: Alonzo Mourning, Kenny Anderson, Chris Webber, Stephon Marbury, Kobe Bryant, Baron Davis, Al Harrington, Jared Jeffries, LeBron James (twice), Dwight Howard, Greg Oden (twice) and Kevin Love.

They account for 14 of the last 20 years, not including Holiday in 2007-08.

Some of the other winners are recognizable within basketball circles: Damon Bailey (1990), Corliss Williamson (1992), Randy Livingston (1993), and Felipe Lopez (1994).

Two winners - LaVell Blanchard (1999) and Kelvin Torbert (2001) - most likely ring no bell at all, unless you are an avid college hoops fan, especially in Michigan, where both played college ball.

So the guys who arent worth much are Blanchard, Torbert, Bailey, Lopez, Livingston, Jeffries. 6 players did zilch where 12 players did something.

I like Holidays odds of being "something".
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