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Default Re: Good to see the team striving at seasons end ..

Originally Posted by DJMason
I also find it funny that the same writers telling us (rightly) not to read too much into the Jays' first two weeks of the season vs. the whole year to come, want us (wrongly) to read alot into the last two weeks of the Raps' year. Oh the hypocrisy.

Great post agreed.

And to Q's point the same roster means more of the same. I agree.

I do find a 'little solace' in teams competing to the end... Not that I think this is suddenly better than 10th next year... its just that "bad chemistry teams" fold like a cheap suit when there is nothing to play for. Average or better chemistry teams play thru as professionally as they can. I dont think we will see the usual off season of "bad chemistry teams" - with announcements in the media that player x wants out of Toronto.

Well perhaps one news item from Italy but that should be about it.

I dont hold this little end of season hustle as more promising than than what it is - playing out the string... but I kinda get the impression that Derozan, Gay, Amir, and Klow think they are capable of more which is better than the other way around.

We will see what Management does... to Q's point
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