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Default Re: Breaky Noose - Ike Diogu to Hornets deal close

analysis- not a major move in the scheme of things but it adds another much needed big body, a legit big man at 6'9" 250. Okafor feels more like a PF to me but I guess we're to assume he starts at center and the big easy d-weezy (david west) plays the 4. Diogu still might have some upside if he can find his way, seems like there will be plenty of minutes for him with the only other "big man" bench players being Hilton Armstrong and Melvin Ely.

edit- god love Ryan Bowen, one of the few I-hawks to make a career in the association. When Ryan retires we'll be down to Reggie Evans, Ricky Davis, and Don Nelson for active hawkeyes.

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