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Default Forget dat other thread, this is PleezeBelieve's MOCK DRAFT

Forget all those pictures and sh*t, this that raw gutter, real sh*t. When I speak REALITY takes notice. Now let's get it.

1. Cleveland - Kyrie Irving

- Simply has a chance to be the best point guard of our generation. Wasn't that big of a fan of his until he measured 6'3 in shoes with a 8'3 standing reach. He's essentially a Derrick Rose/Chris Paul hybrid. Let's move on.

2. Minnesoata - Derrick Williams

- Now that I've done my research... this guy will be a relative flop in the league. Can't play small forward. Can't explode off one foot. Undersized 4. All that talk about the Cavs trading up for him is a smokescreen so they can draft... well, wait till I get to the 4th pick, mothaf*cka!!

3. Utah - Brandon Knight

- Ask yourself, when does Utah ever really miss with a draft pick?? Yea, its very rare. And they won't miss this year. Knight is simply a winner and will definitely be a great pick for them.

4 - Cleveland - Jonas Valanciunas

- Let me tell you something, doggie. If the Cavs get a Irving + Jonas + #8 pick (Burks) combination in this draft, the league is OVA. Cavs are absolutely smoke-screening the entire NBA. People who say this draft is weak are weak mentally. And LOL @ those who bought the Kanter hype.

5. Toronto - Kemba Walker

- He fits what they want they need, I just wonder if the Raps GM understands their needs to begin with, though. Coangelo the epitome of a clown with no vision. Walker is undersized but so what? He brings the thud. Even if he's a bust, he'll go down swinging. Toronto is a soft team so they need Kemba. Watch them draft Kanter.

6. Washington - Tristan Thompson

- Who is the only person in humanity who called this guy a lottery pick nearly three months ago -- me. Save the applause and sit ya ass down, I ain't finished talking yet. Like the boss in Toronto, I expect the Wiz to royally f*ck this pick up and draft Vesley or Kanter if the draft plays out the way I say it should.

7. Sacramento - Jimmer Fredette

- Again, I'm sure the Kings don't have the balls to draft this guy but it doesn't mean they shouldn't. They have the bigs on the frontline to protect Jimmer defensively and Fredette has the range to set the Arco Arena on fire nightly. Pick makes perfect sense.

8. Detroit - Enes Kanter

- BUT LET ME TELL YOU THIS, IF THE CAVS TRADE FOR THIS PICK AND GET BURKS, ITS A WRAP FOR THE ALL YOU FRONTRUNNING BASTARDS. WE WINNING!! But if the Cavs don't trade then the Pistons should take Kanter. He's basically a carbon copy of Greg Monroe but since I think Kanter has a bit more tougher, they should draft him and trade Monroe. I don't expect that to happen and instead, expect Vesley drafted hear to replace Prince.

9. Charlotte - Alec Burks

- When your starting shooting guard who has more career arrest than rings, even though he has a ring already, then you can't pass on Burks. Many of the teams in the lottery have more pressing needs than SG so this would be the perfect opportunity for Jordan to show he has a brain by drafting a player who will likely be a multiple all-star in this league.

10. Milwaukee - Jordan Hamilton

- Raise your hand if you didn't realize before this very second that Corey Maggette is the highest paid journeyman in the NBA? Well, that should change after the Bucks ship this dude to the Mavs at next year's trading deadline. Hamilton is the pick here.

11. Golden State - Marcus Morris

- The Warriors are a mess. They have no bigs (David Lee @ center ) and their guards aren't championship materiel. Its like they strive to be .500. Where's the f*cking championship vision, bruh?? Let me tell you, it doesn't start with the Mark Jackson hiring. They should draft Morris. He plays hard and is a maximum effort guy. Simple decision, right? Expect them to reach on Tobias Harris or something.

12. Utah - Chris Singleton

- As I was typing Singleton's name into this slot, I realized he may be too black for the Jazz. He can jump, rebound, and defend -- why not draft him here?? Maybe because he plays like a N*GGA??? Then again, they're paying AK47 12 mill a year not be healthy enough for any of the above. Whatever. Another obvious pic here.

There you go. This how the top 12 picks SHOULD go. Many of the GMs will blow it and eventually get themselves fired. But hey, that's why I'm ME and they're THEM.

Clap for me.
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