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Default Re: Baby Rondo shines

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Why would we name a Laker after a Celtic
I hate that

I've actually been thinking about the lakers celtics rivalry. I feel like it only exists when both teams are significantly above .500

I feel that lately I can watch celtics games, and enjoy their style of basketball. Especially how Rondo plays. He's the best half court PG in the game today in my humble opinion. Watch Sessions reminds me a bit of how Rondo plays. They are both true and traditional point guards. Neither of them chuck, they are pass first, second, third, and fourth point guards, and score only when they need to.

I don't see why we can call Sessions baby Rondo, seeing that Sessions is not yet near the caliber of Rondo....keep in mind, I said yet. I feel that as Sessions gets more comfortable in this system, we can truly see another Rondo. Keep in mind that Sessions is playing with guys that are as good as the Celtic's big three a few years ago. These guys will help him get better, and get used to playing a certain way for the duration of his career.

Gosh its so amazing that Sessions is only 25.
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