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Default How will Kobe's Legacy be affected if he loses with HC Advantage

If the LA Lakers lose a series in the playoffs with HC Advantage, how will that effect Kobe's legacy?

The only superstar that is a top 25 all time that never lost a series when the favorite with homecourt advantage and the better record is MJordan and he was 24-0.

The following players have all lost series with the HC Advantage

Kobe Bryant (lost in '03-04)

Wilt Chamberlain (lost in 60-61, 65-66, 67-68, 68-69, 72-73)

Magic Johnson (lost in 80-81, 85-86, 89-90)

Kareem (lost in 72-73, 73-74, 76-77, 80-81, 85-86)

Larry Bird (lost in 79-80, 81-82, 82-83, 84-85, 87-88)

Oscar Robertson (lost in 61-62, 64-65, 72-73, 73-74)

Jerry West (lost in 68-69, 72-73)

Shaq (lost in 93-94, 94-95, 03-04, '04-05)

Hakeem (lost in 84-85, 86-87)

Duncan (lost in 00-01, 03-04)

Bill Russell (lost in 1958)

Point being is that excuses can't be made if you lose with the homecourt advantage. You can't say the team wasn't good enough, because if you are good enough to get the better record then you are good enough to win.
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