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What injuries are you constantly battling, and at what point do you decide to sit?

I have absolutely no arch in my foot, and have always had foot pain. I recently saw a specialist who said I have plantar fascitis and got insoles which somewhat helped, but it seems the pain comes back instantly if I wear sandals for a day. I also get some pretty nasty back spasms.

That being said, I play in a rec league twice a week, and have never missed a game due to injury. However, I had a semi-final a few weeks ago, but seemed to have pinched a nerve in my wrists; I had similar symptoms to carpal tunnel. Seeing as how I have made a habbit of playing through pain (foot/ankle sprains too), I played (just some context, I am the starting PG and play 80% of a 40 min game divided into 2 halves due to no other true PG and I'm the 2nd best shooter on the team). I played extremely well on D (ended with 3 blocks), but more importantly stopped a number of transition plays due to the other team looking to run every possible possession. But I shot the ball horribly.

I knew I'd have a tough go, but played anyways. The question is, knowing you would not be able to play 100%, would you still play?
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