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right now im playing with a ruptured ligament in my thumb on my shooting hand. hurts when im on the sideline not playing, once i play its not so bad, as long as it doesnt get caught in someone's jersey or gets jammed im good

tore the ligaments in my right ankle in freshman year of HS. Sat out entire second half of the season.

bruised tailbone in senior year, played through it all season. a lot of sleepless nights and painful shits hahaha

started spraining my ankles every month for about 2 years from like 18-20yrs old. took up yoga and weights and dropped the ankle braces and didnt play pickup or any competitive games for like 3 months.

last year i had a severely sprained MCL. first knee injury so i rehabbed and sat out a while to make sure.

in feb I got an orbital floor fracture. if anyone doesnt know what that is, basically the bone behind my eye that divides the eye socket from your sinuses was broken after i took an elbow from a dude straight to the eye. i didnt even have a black eye, the point of his elbow went straight into my eye. had to have surgery and i wasnt able to run or lift wieghts for like a month and then didnt play pickup for 2 months and then played with goggles for about another 2 months. now im goggle-less and almost back in shape. boy do i never wish this injury on anyone who is not a pro player, without a world class training staff not only can you not play, but when you do come back you'll be SO OUT OF SHAPE, no joke

injuries are part of the game. even through all these i still ball hard
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