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Default Re: If you're still saying KD > Curry, you're ignorant

Originally Posted by moongaze
There's no doubt about it that curry is better than Durant on the warriors but they don't win the title last year without Durant .
Can you see the future? Cavs won by a 3 pointer in a 7 game series where Curry played injured, Bogs got injured, Iggy got injured and Dray got suspended. After the finals was over, Warriors were seen as favorites by the bookies for last year and the Cavs defense was much worse in 2017.

I'm not saying the Warriors win mind you, it's a tough call. I just find your absolute statement hilarious.

Originally Posted by HenryGarfunkle
But they do without Curry which contradicts what you said

I literally hope Curry tears his ACL just to see Durant win without him. Some of you guys need the truth spoon fed to you, its sad
The biggest virgin in the forum melting down due to Steph again.

Originally Posted by ArbitraryWater
I have a hard time putting KD and maybe even Harden over Westbrook, or Giannis at this point.

What Westbrook did last year was insane, most impactful player, and he's the same guy just in a different role now. Although, slightly less applicable so this is more of his "normal" impact, playing on a solid team with less a ceiling.
Westbrook is mentally handicapped, there is no way he is better than KD. And Giannis hasn't proved shit in his career to be in the same line as KD.
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