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Default Re: Utah Jazz @ New Orleans Pelicans GT: 4:00 PM [Battle for the 8th seed-link inside]

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
The Jazz were the worst road team in the league and were horrible defensively before Gobert came back from his last injury. They've won without Rubio. They've won with Rubio playing horribly which has mostly been the case. They've won without Mitchell. The one thing they haven't done the past 3 years is be good without Gobert.

Rubio gets away with his matador D because of Gobert. They survive Ricky missing lay ups because of Rudy. They get by with Ricky's bricks because of Rudy. They win despite Ricky's horrible passes because of Rudy. Without him they suck and their starting pg sucks the most.

Ricky's turnovers are way down and he is excellent defensively. Has the Jazz front office called you back for an interview yet?
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