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Default Re: Utah Jazz @ New Orleans Pelicans GT: 4:00 PM [Battle for the 8th seed-link inside]

Originally Posted by mrpibb
I don't know, maybe because you keep complaining about Ricky as it pertains to the now and talking up Mitchell... as it pertains to the now?

During this 20 game stretch, Mitchell using a possession has been WORSE than Ricky. And you complained about Hill not living up to his defensive moniker ALL THE TIME.

Hill was playing a bad toe unfortunately. Ricky has no excuse other than he can't shoot, has mental issues and isn't a very smart player. The other team is focusing on Mitchell and he is having a hard time. I'm certainly not worried about him because he learns and gets better. I am worried about any future with Ricky in the starting line-up and playing big minutes though
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