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Default Re: Miami's offensive efficiency

Originally Posted by Droid101
2nd in offensive efficiency... (barely ahead of the Clippers)

Yet 24th in defensive efficiency.

So, Heat fans, what wins championships? Offense, defense, or how hard you homer for your team?
Your hate drives us.

Scary efficient. A bit lazy on the defensive end, but nothing that can't be fixed with some effort and energy.

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Remember this next time anyone bashes Spoelstra. He's totally changed Lebron's game from an inefficient one to an incredibly efficient one.
Spo is a good coach, but his rotations are still shit. Also, he's all about efficiency and defensive energy. The guy is HUGE stat nerd.

On a side note, Lebron had a 56% TS% on the Cav's and 62% on the Heat.

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