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Default Re: MJ gambled and lost

As a Bobcats fan I was extremely disappointed with the draft.

Even Augustin himself looked shocked and frankly quite pissed off that he got picked at 9.

I was absolutely praying that they would pick Brook Lopez, but to no avail. I honestly don't know a great deal about Augustin, but I do know it was not a position that really needed addressing, unless Larry Brown believes in the Sam Vincent philosophy of playing Raymond Felton at SG

Though I was disappointed with that initial pick, I still had high hopes of us getting Hibbert at 20, but cringed with the Raptors picked him.

My final hope was DeAndre Jordan or Koufos. I've heard mixed things about Jordan, but I still would have been satisfied if we had gotten him. Instead we get Ajinca who I know nothing about other than he's got a very big wingspan and he's a Frenchy.

I couldn't believe it when DeAndre slipped to the 2nd round and was hoping he might slip down to our 2nd round pick (but by this time I didn't have a clue what MJ would do), but unfortunately didn't. I don't know anything about Weaver who we did pick so can't comment on that.

All I can really say is I hope there are some trades in the pipeline, as I really can't bear to see Felton being moved to SG if thats the plan.

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