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Default Re: Augustin and Walker

Originally Posted by liverpooty
Walker is supposedly buying a home in Charlotte in the off season and having his parents move in town so he can workout with the coaching stop extensively. If they notice drastic improvement in that broken shot of his I think they will let Augustin walk. If they don't they will, and should keep him.

I think it's a moot point regarding Kemba...keep in mind DJ's PER was 14.4 for this last season (Kemba's was 14.9). No way should a below average to average PG be making 7 million per year under the new CBA...esp. from a small market team like us.

IMO what it'll boil down to is if Cho thinks it's worth it value wise to keep him or not. Purely asset management. Unless we get him back for the QO or close I'd let him walk.
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