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Default Re: Anybody else think this Macklemore rapper sounds like Eyedea?

Originally Posted by macmac
Mackelmore is not great by any means, but he's better than most new least he has puts a bit of soul into his songs,ore of an artists than 90% of these generic cats that won't even be remember 4years from now
No, why do people who suck lyrically put rap about "real sh*t" get more credit than people who are actually good. Macklemore is an awful lyricist and rap should be about the lyrics. You can't tell me someone who COMPLETELY ignores rhyming so god damn often is a good lyrical rapper. No one values skill no more smh.

Like one of his most popular songs Wings, yeah it's inspirational but listen to the lyrical content, it's fu*king pathetic. Anyone can pick up a mic and just talk about shit like that.

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