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Another Laker Dynasty?
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Default Re: How about this ..

Originally Posted by LakerFan1086
This whole Kobe talk has kind of made me realize that we could get a lot in return and have a solid young core of players that can lead us for years to come .. i was also thinking that with all the talk about JO we could work something out with the bulls and pacers in which everyone can get what they want.

So i thought of this

Lakers would get JO, deng and some good young players.
Pacers would get cap room after this year and a possible star in ben gordon.
Bulls would get kobe .. keep hinrich, nocioni and big ben.

I think this trade with maybe a few alterations a pick here and there could really solve all the problems for all the teams.

Let me know what you guys think ..

I think Indy would want more than Ben Gordon, cap relief, and 2 scrubs.
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