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Default Re: Knick just wasting time with Woodson?

Originally Posted by Clutch
So just because you're not sure you'll get someone better you'd let Woodson get away with all of this ?

That's like your car got broken and you say "Oh,I don't want to buy a new one,maybe it'll break as well".

I like your example and it relates perfectly.

The car is a piece of junk but a car cant drive itself.... but your blaming the driver for not being able to drive it safely and properly, when that drivers has been a decent one in every other car he's owned.

It's not the's the car.

Swap the car and if that driver cant drive that one, he needs to stop driving the car.

Woody is in the same boat as Doc Rivers was before the big sucked fans wanted him gone.

Then better talent arrived and the rest was a title.

Upgrade the talent needs to happen regardless of the coach.
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