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Default Re: Knick just wasting time with Woodson?

I agree it's all about talent. You can be a great coach but you can't do much with a team that's not talented.

That's not the case here. Knicks aren't enough talented to win the championship,heck they aren't even enough talented to get to the ECF.
But they have enough talent to make the playoffs easily in the shitty East and Woodson has us waaaaay out of the playoffs.

Look at the Bulls. They are always depleted by injuries but they find a way to finish with a good record and be competitive in the playoffs.
Then look at the Bobcats and Hawks for example. No way they have more talent the Knicks but they're still way ahead of us.

Woodson doesn't have the talent to make this team special,I agree with that. But he definitely has a team that should make the playoffs.
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