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Default PS4 Announcement Possible at E3

This article was from GameInformer:

Engadget's Spanish language site published an interview with with Sony VP of home entertainment Hiroshi Sakamoto today, in which Sakamoto hints that a major hardware announcement from the company is coming around the time of the annual E3 convention.

According to Engadget's translation, "He told Emol (translated by Engadget Spanish) in response to a question about "a new announcement related to the new PlayStation," that while the news is "still a big secret," the PlayStation side of Sony, "are getting ready for it."

After a follow-up question regarding whether the news was a "big announcement" or "something complimentary," he stated, "Probably the former, on that date we hope to deliver big news, but we must wait until May at least."

Obviously, it's -- while this is hardly a confirmation -- it's easy to read this comments that the next PlayStation console, codenamed "Orbis," is being set to be announced at or around the time of E3. Sounds like this should be a very interesting show indeed.

With a similar thread about the possibility of the new XBox being announced there as well, this seems relevant, although both leaks are extremely vague and non-committal.
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