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Default Looking to Buy New Basketball - Tips?

So I'm looking at buying a new ball, I had an Adidas basketball that recently got lost... and I really liked it (perfect weight, nice grip and cool colour). It was this one specifically:

So I'm in the market for a new one and will mostly be playing indoors, or pretty much only indoors. I looked at a Reebok ball and the grip on it was insane (Reebok VR-4000)

It basically has a 'sticky' feel to it and I can palm it with ease (its a composite leather).

1) How would this ball measure up with use indoors? Is it going to rip apart?
2) Will it keep its grippy feel months down the line? I'm going to be playing with it abour 2-4 hours per week.
3) Would water or dirt affect the sticky grip of it?

I'm going to be checking out a Nike store and apparently they have some Michael Jordan balls. Hopefully those are worthwhile getting. Price isn't an issue although to be honest I don't like the more expensive balls, they are much more slippery than the Reebok I tried.

The next best ball I looked at was the Under Armour 495, similar to the Reebok but less grippy. Link: 57977

Any suggestions?

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