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Default Re: Shaq on Byum

I to gained some respect for Bynum after that play he got schooled by Shaq and just came back at the Diesel on the next play it showed heart and a good competitive spirit. What I didn’t like was how the commentator I think it was Kerr was talking like Drew intentionally threw an elbow at Shaq when they came back down court and uses that as the excuse to what set Shaq off and made him throw the fore arm to Drews head.

When I watch that Video at about the 1:10 mark there is a good angle of when they got back down court after Drew’s dunk and he did lean into Shaq and bump him with the elbow but he bumped him arm to arm or side to side and it didn’t seem any different to me then any other time I’ve seen 2 bigs go down court and bang for position the difference was when Drew came back down and banged into Oneal Shaq just grabbed Drew’s fore arm and tried to level him. To me it was a fore arm of frustration from Shaq to Bynum for not just folding like a lawn chair and actually making the Staples center the “Home that Shaq built” go nuts for Bynum for dunking back on Shaq I think that hurt the Big Fellas feelings so he retaliated cheaply.
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