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Default Re: Tracy McGrady - Top MVP Candidate?

Originally Posted by son_of_van_gundy
No ****, you're a Rockets fan?

Dude what I'm saying is, if you'll be making a comparison and making conclusions such as their numbers are "similar" and that Kobe has been better, include all relevant info such as, I don't know, minutes played? A 4-5 minute difference is huge especially with the way T-mac has been playing. Give T-mac those 4-5 minutes in those 20 games and how much better will his numbers be?

And let's be honest. When the Rockets were struggling last year without T-mac or Yao, everyone was complaining about how the team was weak, Deke was old and done, Juwan needs to be traded, Head is just a shooter, Rafer is not as good as Mike James, I mean the list goes on and on. But now, they are better and it has nothing to do with T-mac's play?

Putting words in my mouth, I see. Where did I say that Tracy doesn't make his teammates better? It seems as though you've made that assumption solely based on the fact that I think the Rockets role players are better than the Lakers role players.

Why would you do that?
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