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Default Re: I told you guys... this is more or less our team for the rest of the year...

Originally Posted by bonez26
That's all finr and good but JO is not the only thing we have to trade. I think there's gonna be a trade and it's gonna be more than marginal b/c we need someone to plug the hole at the wing. It's IMO gonna be some combo of Parker, Kapono our 1st this year or in a coming year, humps and Graham. Something is gonna give by the deadline as people get closer to the deadline. You Never know who's gonna end up here. I've heard Butler, Nocioni, Howard (as much as people think it's dead you never know with Cuban), GS the team (lol) and others. There for sure will be a trade by deadline the pieces now are just different as Bargnani is finally starting to realize some of that potential. Let's hope he can keep it up
Cuban may not be a fan of J-Ho but I highly doubt that he'd give him up for anything on our team outside of a core player. And we also have nothing to offer Washington. Nocioni is a legit possibility and certainly an upgrade but not necessarily a solution to our problem.
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