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Default Re: In The Hakeem Olajuwon vs. Shaquille O'Neal Debate, The Dream Remains Unbeatable

The rockets swept the magic because Hakeems roleplayers outplayed Shaqs.

Hakeem at best outplayed Shaq by the smallest of margins in that series, it was basically a wash.

From 93-05 I'd say it was a wash between the two or a tiny edge to Hakeem.

Shaqs team won more in the Regular season and Hakeem obviously got the sweep due to his roleplayers stepping up and Shaqs choking in G1.

93 - 95 Shaq =< Peak Hakeem.
Peak Prime Shaq >>> Peak Hakeem.

Career playoff performances.
Shaq >>>>>> Hakeem.

There is no comparison.
Shaq was much closer to Hakeems defense then Hakeem was to his offense, he produced at a much higher level exerted more influence over games and Dominated the best.

DPOY Motombo is one of the best defensive Centers ever. DRob/Duncan combo is one of the best post defenses ever.

lol @ your pathetic understanding of the game.

Hakeem was great but he wasnt as good as Shaq and never dominated the way he did.

BTW outside of the 95 series DRob and Hakeem were pretty close when they faced eachother. It's idiots like you who dont know the history of the game who think Hakeem always dominated DRob like that.

Shaq/Kareem > Wilt > Hakeem
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