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Default Re: In The Hakeem Olajuwon vs. Shaquille O'Neal Debate, The Dream Remains Unbeatable

Originally Posted by 32Dayz
The rockets swept the magic because Hakeems roleplayers outplayed Shaqs.

Hakeem at best outplayed Shaq by the smallest of margins in that series, it was basically a wash.

From 93-05 I'd say it was a wash between the two or a tiny edge to Hakeem.

Shaqs team won more in the Regular season and Hakeem obviously got the sweep due to his roleplayers stepping up and Shaqs choking in G1.

93 - 95 Shaq =< Peak Hakeem.
Peak Prime Shaq >>> Peak Hakeem.

Career playoff performances.
Shaq >>>>>> Hakeem.

There is no comparison.
Shaq was much closer to Hakeems defense then Hakeem was to his offense, he produced at a much higher level exerted more influence over games and Dominated the best.

DPOY Motombo is one of the best defensive Centers ever. DRob/Duncan combo is one of the best post defenses ever.

lol @ your pathetic understanding of the game.

Hakeem was great but he wasnt as good as Shaq and never dominated the way he did.

BTW outside of the 95 series DRob and Hakeem were pretty close when they faced eachother. It's idiots like you who dont know the history of the game who think Hakeem always dominated DRob like that.

Shaq/Kareem > Wilt > Hakeem

Hakeem still outplayed Shaq in the finals, even Shaq will tell you that a la;

"If I'm going to fight you, I'd rather just beat you," he said. "If I can't beat you, I'll be a man and say I can't beat you. I'm not going to [cry about it]. . . . I'm the first guy to say that somebody is better than me. I was the first guy to say Hakeem Olajuwon beat me in the [1995] NBA finals. He killed me. He dominated me.

And you're overrating prime Shaq and his competition. Only an idiot would claim that he wasn't a better player during his peak but to claim that he was crazy much better is silly.

Shaq was 2nd on the MVP list in '95, the only year he was higher on the MVP ranking was when he got his MVP trophy in 2000. The '95 season was his 2nd best place on the MVP ranking list..

And Shaq team's won more regular season games due him having better players by his side, playing with Penny, Kobe, Wade, LeBron, Nash, KG, Pierce, Rondo and Allen is way more help then what Hakeem ever had.

And still, Brian, Shaq never even made an all-defensive first team during his whole career, Hakeem is considered to be one of the greatest defensive players of all-time. Hakeem has DPOYS, Shaq has none, Hakeem got multiple first all-defensive first team nominations, Shaq got none, Hakeem is the leading shotblocker in the NBA, Shaq is way behind, Hakeem is top 10 in steals, Shaq is not even top 250.

But then if we look at the scoring and offense, although that's an edge for Shaq, Hakeem still held his own. Hakeem is still the center with the highest PPG average in the playoffs of all-time. Hakeem was still top 10 in scoring 9 years while he was in the league, Shaq was top 10 in 10 of his years. And yes, the edge on offense is Shaq's but you are seriously overrating his offense in comparison with Hakeem's offense. Hakeem is still top 9 in points of all-time which makes him one of the greatest scorest of all-time as well...

Shaq was no where close being one of the greatest defenders of all-time, the guy was never even on an all-defensive first team during his career, come on now, Brian. I am toying you.
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