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Default The elephant in the room

Question of the day:
What gets you fired nowadays as a coach? As many of you know, I'm a Jets fan. You also robably know I utterly loathe Brian Schottenheimer for obvious reasons. Yet, the Jets seemed to love him despite year after year of mediocre offensive play. Mike D'Antoni is the equivalent in basketball.

98-99 Den 14-36 Missed Playoffs
03-04 Phx 21-40 Missed Playoffs
04-05 Phx 62-20 Lost in Conf Finals
05-06 Phx 54-28 Lost in Conf Finals
06-07 Phx 61-21 Lost in Conf Semis
07-08 Phx 55-27 Lost in 1st round
08-09 NYK 32-50 Missed Playoffs
09-10 NYK 29-53 Missed Playoffs
10-11 NYK 42-40 Lost in 1st round (got swept)
This year...losing record so far.

Are we holding on to the 2 conference finals from 04-06? Is that Mike D'Antoni's claim to fame? Is that a valid excuse for the reason our defensive philosophies have been embarassing and every star we've had here has played their worse basketball under Mike? Your thoughts
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