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Default Re: The elephant in the room

I'm so fed up with the MDA talk.. Right now he isn't the greatest coach but I can't put all the blame as this roster is poorly assembled. It's great on paper but it doesn't mesh together and a horrible match of players.

#1 option- Melo, pure scoring/iso forward
#2 option- Amare, perimeter scoring forward
#3 option- Lin, perimeter/slashing guard prone to turnovers
#4 option- Chandler, inside scoring mostly from putbacks or dunks
JR Smith, Steve Novak- Perimeter players, shooters

We don't have a player that can distribute the ball, we don't have a low post scorer, we either have too much long range shooters on too little on a court at a given time. Melo needs to be on a team where he is the man and the other players are built around him sorta like Lebron with the Cavs. Melo can't handle the responsibility of sharing the ball, he doesn't make anyone else better. Dolan forced the trade for Melo which I don't think MDA wanted

Last year we played better as we had an identity.
#1 option Amare Primary all-around scorer
#2 option Felton Primary ball handler/distributor
#3 option Gallo, Slashing, 3point
#4 option Fields, garbage points, energy
#5 option Williams- 3 point shooting
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