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Default Re: What's george bush thinking?

Originally Posted by reppy
Because some liberals are morons and instead should be complaining about the program itself, not its lack of funding.

Reagan was an a-hole. I hate the ejaculation fest Republicans have when talking about him, like he was the greatest man in the history of the world. I suppose if I was rich and became even richer when he was president, I might share the same sentiments. However, for the average man to think Reagan was anything good for them is just downright ridiculous.

My dad had to work 2-3 jobs during the "golden era" of the Reagan/Bush years. YEAH BABY. TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS!

And according to some Republicans I've talked to, the economic boom in the Clinton years was actually the result of Reagan/Bush's policies. :

But was it true; was NCLB really underfunded?

In your opinion, who are true conservatives?

Also, for those who think Bush truly is evil do you agree? Or do you think they are going overboard by saying that. One of my friends thinks he is evil and can't even stand looking at him at all on TV without getting sick.

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