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Default Re: Hannibal is a Top 3 show.

Originally Posted by Graviton
I think I am on episode 6 of Season 1, the show is amazing but holy shit you need to watch it with an empty stomach. Some of the scenes make Saw movies look like family cartoons.

If anyone is looking for a something to watch I would recommend Justified, FX shows are usually quality. They offer some good stuff to hold off until the HBO/Starz series come back.

Did you see that banned episode too? The one you can only find online.

What stuff affected you the most? The only thing that really had me kind of looking away is the bee killer in Season 2, there was an incredibly tough part.

I did see the banned episode, they played it safe but it really wasn't all that much to connect to the bombing. The episode itself wasn't a can't miss but it still sucks that there are some people who will never see it.
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