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Default Re: Hannibal is a Top 3 show.

Originally Posted by Suguru101
What did you guys think of episode 5? It was so consistently good from start to finish; great start, the reveal of Kat was expected but it still hit me, and the acting of Jack Crawford was top noch. There were no slow parts or anything that dragged on...

This was a very good episode. With that said, i'm already yearning for the return of Dr. Du Maurier, and i was just beginning to really like Katz.

The way Will's storyline is going is majorly making up for it though, he is becoming an amazing character.
It was great. It's getting consistenly better. It actually got good ratings for once too.

What happened to the character it happened to (deliberately vague) at the beginning of this episode was as ****ed up as anything I have ever seen on TV. My god...
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