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Default Time To Quickly Rebuild

Time to fully rebuild in my opinion:

Trade 1:

Clippers Out|Boston In: Quinton Ross, Sam Cassell
Boston Out|Clippers In: Rajon Rondo, Brian Scalabrine, Tony Allen, 2009 2nd

Celtics really make a push to win it all with Sam I Am, along with getting a defensive specialist. Davis can be swapped with Ross if wanted. Clippers get a solid young point guard and a decent F. Scal's deal might be long, but it maxes out at 3.4 mil.

Trade 2:

Clippers Out|Cavaliers In: Corey Maggette, Brian Scalabrine
Cavaliers Out|Clippers In: Drew Gooden, Daniel Gibson, Ira Newble, 2008 + 2009 2nd Round Picks

Were going to most likely lose Maggette, so we deal him along with Scal's short but bad contract and gain ourselves a decent PF along with a very nice PG and get two picks. Boobie and Rondo can make one hell of a PG duo in the future, and Shaun might just make em better if he plays.

Trade 3:
Clippers Out|Raptors In: Cuttino Mobley, Aaron Williams, Mavs 08 2nd
Raptors Out|Clippers In: Rasho Nesterovic, Juan Dixon

We get to dump Cat's contract and get a couple of expirings which equal to about 10.4 Mil. Second is what we need to sacrifice to get ourselves off of Mobley's contract

Trade 4:
Clippers Out|Mavericks In: Brevin Knight
Mavericks Out|Clippers In: 1.6 Mil Trade Exception, 2008 2nd Round Pick

That leaves us with:
CE: Chris Kaman | Rasho Nesterovic | Paul Davis
PF: Drew Gooden | Ruben Patterson | Elton Brand
SF: Tim Thomas | Al Thornton
SG: Juan Dixon | Tony Allen | Ira Newble
PG: Rajon Rondo | Daniel Gibson | Dan Dickau | Shaun Livingston

That is definitely a contending team for the first overall pick ;). Let's look at the salary situation by position[pending options are not picked up]

CE: $9,500,000 only to Kaman
PF: $7,100,000 only to Gooden
SF: $7,825,640 to Thomas and Thornton
SG: $0
PG: $1,646,784 to Rondo

That's a combined $26,072,424 committed in salaries. Let's say another 4 mil to the rookies, that has us at 30.5 mil wasted cap space. I say us giving 4 mil or so to Boobie Gibson as well and with the expected cap being 58.5 mil, we can have 20 mil or so to spend on free agency, and hopefully can get Elton and Shaun to resign with us after we spend the money on a solid free agent
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