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here's why he should and for this reason only...
last spring kobe fouled up stuff pretty good as we all know.
training camp did not go smooth with kobe pouting and dr.buss's remarks...
phil tried to install a new offense that kobe wanted nothing to do with (before sasha became the machine, kobe was on his way to being the turnover machine) so he installed a new system for the bench and massaged the starters system to take advantage of fisher.

preseason games were rocky at best and yet somehow through all this when the bell rang the lakers came out gunning and haven't really loked back all year long

phils job of management of the turmoil and egos in the lockeroom, the front office and HIS own deserves some serious credit..

that being said..byron scott has done an incredible job in new orleans with that team, getting the max out of his guys and keeping that team playing top level ball all season
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