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Default I can not stand ABC/ESPN broadcasts.

I thought Reggie Miller was bad, JVG has got to be the biggest airhead I have ever seen call a game. He does realize that when he is a commentator for a live game, he is there to comment about the game at hand. I don't think he shut up for more than 10 seconds in the first half, with so many off-game topics.

Nope, and I didn't even catch who was doing the play-by-play because of the lovefest between JVG and Mark Jackson. Although who would want to hear the play-by-play when he kept blowing the calls on the floor anyways. It was a foul! Oops, no out of bounds. "Refs looking to see if this was a flagrant foul" then everyone scratches their head, because that was obviously not what the refs were talking about. He pronounced Taj, TAGE/Janero, YANERO/Deng, DANGE??? Not only are they not prepared for their jobs, that was just disrespectful to Chicago, the Refs(I'm not sticking up for the refs, but you can't say flat out what the refs called, if that's not what they called on Live TV.)

My favorite part, was lack of on-spot replays. Where were they? When there's a questionable call, you should always give the fans another angle on replay if there is time. No, instead they would show a highlight from 1 quarter ago that was shown 3 times before.

When I go to Game 4, I'm going to hold-up a sign that says "I had to come to the game, because I can't listen to ESPN's bad commentators screw up anymore." I'll be in the 6th row behind the scorers table, so I'd love to see them not get me in the shot!

If the NBA wants the league status and fan recognition, like they did before Cable-TV swallowed up all of the games, then they need to set certain standards and minimums for game broadcasts broadcasts. Like posting game stats throughout the game, especially the opportunities to do so when players are shooting free-throws. They need to shut color commentators up, if they talk about the same off-game topic for more than a minute of game-time.


But seriously, am I alone here? I'm not mad because the Bulls lost, when I aim my disgust for ESPN commentators. The game-delay is also too much for a mute-and sync to the radio for sound and commentary(But it is funny to hear the shot go in, and call before you see it on TV.)
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